Friday, December 29, 2006

Bald is Beautiful!!!

So here are some more pictures of her in the hospital. You can tell that she is not feeling up to par but she is a fighter. She is still doing good, she has just been sleeping a lot which is good. We have lots of hats to cover up the head and she doesn't even mind them on. I was worried that she would try to take them off but she hasn't really tried. So we are still hanging in there. We just take it day by day. Tomorrow is just another day.


Kelly said...

Seeing her without hair is hard but your right, bald is beautiful. I love her smile and I know she is such a strong little girl. I just can't believe how good she has handled all of this. She looks so cute in those little hats. I look forward to seeing you guys again, very soon!

Lindser said...

What a fighter. I think the hats look so cute on her! I am so happy to hear that she is doing good. Thanks for the updates. I wish I could go with my sister to see you guys in a couple weeks. Love you!

Sarah said...

She does look so cute in those hats. I love her little hand on your arm while you sleep. Thanks for blogging so much and keeping us informed.