Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We Are Home!!!

We are finally Home!!! Sorry it has taking me so long to blog, it had been crazy getting back into the routine of everything. This is a picture of Makynna getting into the cupboards dumping out spaghetti noodles. Makynna is doing so good she is walking , talking and eating everything in sight. It is awesome. She is so much happier now that she feels better. We still have a long road but we are home for now!

My Grandma Helen came down to Stanford to see Makynna and I and theres not much we could do except be outside. My grandma once told me that she had always wanted to walk the Golden Gate Bridge and I thought it would be cool to take her there plus it was a beautiful day. I have pass by the bridge probably a thousand times and not once thought about walking it but I can say that it was pretty cool.

This is Little Teeg Man! He is getting cuter and cuter everyday!

My cousin Carrie gave Alexis these boots and I about died. She wouldn't take them off and she even asked me if she could wear them to church when I said no she got mad at me, Thanks Carrie!

Monday, April 09, 2007

So I had a hard time trying to post that last post for some reason I couldn't write underneath of it. So this is my brother Jared who went to Baja, Mexico with my Dad and a bunch of buddies to do a quad race that they hold there every year. I guess that it is a pretty big deal. I guess the race stretches over 200 miles, with each racer racing 50 miles and then switching riders so the next set takes on the next 50 miles and so forth. Well Jared and his buddies all arrived there in Mexico 2 days before the race so that they could practice there sections. Jared said that he had rode his section a couple times so he felt he knew it pretty well. When he came around that corner he new that there was water but it was dug out so that it was deeper. He totally didn't expect that. He said that the Mexicans dig holes and stand on the side lines to watch people wreck. He thinks that is what happen to his little hole that got bigger over night. Anyway he didn't even know that this guy had taped him until he went on youtube to look up some videos from the baja race a found this video of himself. I just thought it was funny know that it is all over and that he is okay.

My Brother Jared!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007


Yes we finally made it home on my Birthday which is the best present ever. I can't find my camera to post pictures I am still trying to unpack 4 months of being away and having the holidays down there we have so much stuff. We got some devastating news on the Monday before we left, they told us that there is a 90% chance that we will have to redo the Bone Marrow Transplant. I was so excited to come home and then that. It sucks but I have to stay positive. Anything can happen right? Miracles happen everyday! Even if we have to do it all over again we will take the road when it comes, right now I am hanging out with my family trying to make up for lost time. Makynna is an amazing Little girl and she is doing so good.