Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tagged Again!!!

Tagged I'm It!!!!
5 Quirky things about me..... (I had to ask Craig these question just to see what he said)
1. I for the life of me cannot keep my car cleaned.
2. I love buying my kids clothes even though they have no room in their dressers.
3. I can't eat any food after the expiration date even if it looks and smells fine, its a mental thing.
4. I am obsessed with smells, my kids have to smell yummy, my house has to smell clean and my Laundry has to smell good.
5. one of my favorite thing is getting into bed just after my sheets have been cleaned. Something about the feel to the smell I love, its soothing.
Tag Kelly, Chrissy, Janelle, Natalie, Becky

Stay out of the doghouse video!

This video is hilarious have to see!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 Year Mark!!!

I can't believe that today is the 2 year mark of when Makynna started Chemo. What a huge day for us. It has been a long road and we still have many hurtle to jump but I cannot believe the change in my Makynna then and now. She is doing amazing and I am so thankful for all of our loving friends and family that made it as easy as possible for just being there for us.

Much Needed Update!!!

Alexis, Bailee and Bailee on Webkins.

Bailee and Bailee! This is were I got Bailee's name.

Makynna and her Daddy!

Makynna on the Artic Cat.

Bailee swinging in the swing and loving it.

My little stud hitting his jumps. He did this for hours.

Bailee Kate

Bailee just stating to crawl!!!
Thanksgiving has come and gone so fast so let me fill you in on what we did for Thanksgiving. My dad's brother and family came to visit us from Utah and we had so much fun. My kids enjoyed every minute with their cousins ridding quads and motorcycles to going and hanging out on the beach to just having sleepovers with them. Our Thanksgiving was super hectic but we loved every minute of it. In total I think there were 50 of us at one person's house which get a little crazy. The food that we had was way more then any person should see in a lifetime. We defiantly had a GREAT time!!! Moving on to this month we haven't really been doing much even though I feel totally busy. I just had my last final which I'm totally excited for, threw a progressive dinner for church and now on Saturday I will put on my Dad's work Christmas party and then we head off to Stanford on Sunday for a routine checkup. After that I think I can finally breath, once I get all my Christmas shopping done. I don't know were the time goes but I wish there were more time in the days.