Wednesday, September 30, 2009

18 Months Old!!!

Very mischievous! I get this look a lot when she doesn't want to do what I want her to do!

Loves ridding her bike nude!!!

This is her cheese smile!!

I cannot believe how fast time goes by! My baby is 18 months old as of yesterday, and I feel like I jut had her. I remember Jake was 18 months old when I had Lex and he seem so much bigger than Bailee does. Anyway Bailee is still a turd but she is one of the most loving babies. She is my worse climber, she will climb, fall, start crying as she is trying to get back up! She doesn't learn. She will hit other kids and I try to teach her, that's not okay and than she will hit me. What to do, she is defiantly a very stubborn little girl and does what she wants, I think she get her little attitude from her father.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Makynna watching a movie, she wouldn't pose for me.

Alexis and Makynna are trying to figure out who they want to be for Halloween!

Bailee went and got Craig's sock to put it on him. She tried so hard.

Jacob gets ready the fasted and than has a ton of time on his hands. This is him wanting to play the PlayStation!

Daddy babysitting!

This is what happens when daddy leaves the water running thinking that Bailee is only going to run her hands under the water! Oops I guess she decided to take it to the next level!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Soccer and more!

Jake and his traveling soccer team!


Jake and Alex have played on the same soccer team for 5 years. They are best of buds.

Lydia, Lex and Kyrie cheering on some of their friends!

Alexis being silly. She would not let me take a normal picture of her unless she was with a friend!

Alexis and Kyrie at their first soccer game!

Maynna's first day of preschool! She was so excited!