Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trinity Lake!!!

Jake also got up on ski's.

I thought it was funny when she would fall she had to plug her nose.

Alexis got up on double ski's. She loved it so much that Jake and her would fight on who would go first.

Alexis found the sunglasses and visor on the bank. She thought she was pretty cute wearing them.

We went to Trinity Lake for eight days and it was amazing. The weather was perfect the water was mirror and my kids were pretty good most of the time(which makes life easier). We finally got home last night and I got to the top of Titlow mountain and I could see the fog bank that hang over Humboldt county, I was so close just to turn around and go back to the sun. We are now home, and I have to catch back up to life and everything that goes along with it, doc appt, dentist appt, paying bills, getting food for the house, laundry and so on! I hope that we will be able to go up to the Lake again soon but it just feels like the days are just flying by.