Monday, June 30, 2008

Updated News!!!

So we finally got some good news. Makynna's numbers started to come up which they haven't done since her transplant which was a year and a half ago. She started out with zero enzyme level aka Hurlers disease and now she has normal enzyme levels. We are so excited that things are FINALLY going in the right direction. I hope that they keep going up. We are heading back down July 7 so we are excited to see were they go from here. We are crossing are fingers!!! This picture is after she ate a whole bowl of vanilla ice cream. Makynna loves ice cream, but then again who doesn't.

Last day of school!

Alexis teacher Ms. Conzelman.

Alexis best friend Kyrie.

Hannah is another good friend of Alexis.

Jacob's teacher Mrs. Cox.

Jacob's 1st grade class.
I have been meaning to post these pictures of the last day of school and forgot, so here they are. Nothing to exciting just shows some friends and teacher. We had an amazing year Jacob and Alexis are both advanced in reading, writing and math. I am so glad that it comes easily for them because struggling is one of the reasons I hated school.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Little Ballerina

Its finally over!!! At the first of the year Alexis loved going to ballet but around the middle of the year I had to fight her every time. I told her that she had to finish the year out because we had already bought her costume so she did. When she got dress up and put a little makeup on, she was excited again. She told be after the show that she only wanted to do the shows and I told her it didn't work that way and so she said she was done.

Trinity Lake

Bailee at the Lake.

Makynna couldn't be happier

Playing on my dads new toy the prowler.

My Mom and Dad taking the kids on a ride.

Bailee chill in on the houseboat.

Alexis getting muddy.

Makynna loving playing in the mud. At this point I didn't really care,

So as you can see we had a good time at the lake. Getting to the lake was a different story. I have driven the road to Trinity many times and this time started out the same. About 1 hour into it some stupid kid didn't see me and hit the side of my Sequoia. Thank goodness for big cars because it totaled his car out to were he could barley drive it and my car had a flat tire and a couple scratches on it. The worst part about the whole thing is that this kid didn't have any insurance and then I waited for the stupid police to show up and after about 1 1/2 hour of not showing up I left. I can't believe that the police would take that long. Later I found out by my sister in law Janelle (who knows the kids family) that he had just wreaked his car a month before he hit me. I guess the kid can't drive.
I didn't have any pictures of Jacob because he was my dad new son. He never left my dad's side. He was either riding his motorcycle, driving the Prowler, driving the houseboat or ski boat, making sure they had enough wood for his camp fire and the best, sleeping right between my mom and dad while he grinding his teeth. He would live at Trinity Lake if he could. The best part of it is my mom and dad didn't bathe Jake the entire 5 days they were there. I hate dirty smelly kids. The lake is one of my very favorite places and we are going up this weekend so more Trinity Lake pictures coming your way!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got Tagged!

What was I doing 10 yrs ago...
Ten years ago I has just graduated from Mckinleyville high school and was getting excited for my big move to Utah with my best friend Kelly.

5 yrs ago....
I had two kids that were 18 months apart. I remember that having two kids so close in age was challenging(I even thought that I was done having more kids). Craig and I had been married for a little over three years and loving every minute of it.

1 yr ago....
Just getting done with Makynna's Bone Marrow Transplant and worrying that whenever she would spike a fever we would be back in the hospital. I also found out that I was pregnant with Bailee and being overwhelmed and stressed on how I was going to juggle 4 kids with a medically challenged kid.

Bailee went in for her 2 month check-up and got 4 shots. She was very fussy and I was trying to get my house cleaned and laundry done because we had just got back from another trip to Stanford. Cooked dinner and went and vented to one of my dads friend(who is in the insurance business)about how I pay a ton of money for good insurance and I still have to pay out the butt for deductibles and copays. I hate insurance!!!

5 snacks I enjoy....
Right now I love good watermelon, jamba juice, apples dipped in caramel, Hersey bars and Cinnomon sugar toast.

5 favorite books

The Wedding, The Notebook, I don't really read to much

5 places to run....
Healthsport is the only place. I hate to run!!

5 bad habits...
Picking my stupid arms until they just look horrible, eating ice cream every night for dessert knowing that its not helping me lose any weight, wanting my kids to play every sport possible even though it keeps me super busy because I have to run them to practice and games, going to Costco because I always spend to much money on things I don't even need, buying my kids clothes even thought they have so many that there dressers don't even close.

5 pet peeves
People that are complainers, dirty kids, insurance policies, Craig throwing his laundry right by the laundry basket instead of in it, and whinny kids.

5 things I enjoy...
Watching my kids in sports, Trinity lake, making Craig happy, baths at night with no interruptions, and cooking.

5 favorite TV shows...
One Tree Hill, Grey Anatomy, Private Practice, Wild Fire, Hero's

5 people I'd love to meet
Chantum Tatum, Rascal Flatts, Kate Hudson, I can't think of anyone else

5 people to tag...
Heather, Becca, Kelly Tolbert, Becky, Monique

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blessing Pictures!!!

I thought this picture was funny!

Makynna posing for the camera. Even though her hair is in her face the pose is cute!
Here are some pictures from the blessing. Craig's Sister, Dad and Suzanne showed up to celebrate the special day with us. We just got back from Stanford so I will write more about it later I just wanted to get the pictures up! Stanford wasn't bad her numbers are pretty much staying the same, except one went up a little so lets hope that it keeps going up a little. We will take what we can get!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I just don't get it why do kids eat anything and everything. Like a pen looks like something you would want to eat. I was cleaning and Makynna was playing in her room. I notice that she was being very quiet so I went to look for her and this is what I found. What a dork. I hoped it taste good!!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008


Makynna is doing good we just got back from Stanford because she had a little GVHD(graft vs host disease)which can be good because it can cause her numbers to go to 100%. We are hoping that's what it did. They did a bunch of blood work and we get to find out some time this coming week. Hope for the best! Other than that she is doing amazing!

Makynna loves her baby sister!!!

Baby Bailee

Makynna in Utah at Heather and Woody's house. She never did go down the slide.

Alexis playing with Makynna on the swing set. These were the only two pictures that I took in Utah. My battery was dead the entire time plus we were on the go so I didn't have time to charge it.

Playing in the bath with cousin Connor

I found Makynna sitting in Jake's toy box watching her princess movie.
So we had tons of fun on our trip to Utah!! We were on the go seeing friends and family. One of our favorite things about our trip was going to Steve Young's ranch and the kid getting to ride a pony name bulleye. Alexis and Jacob thought that was the coolest thing ever. We also spent a couple of days at Mulligans were the kids got to hit in the batting cages and miniature golf. Craig got all of his Utah Jazz gear that he wanted because he couldn't find anything here so he was in seventh heaven. He also decked all the kids in Jazz gear to. I didn't really do much shopping which isn't a bad thing because we saved some money but I did my my girls some bows and on the way home one of the bags full of bows got thrown away. I was soooo mad. But what do you do. I hope that someone find them and uses them because they were super cute. Other than that we had lots of fun and can't wait for our next trip. Oh ya and if you talk to Craig we are moving back to Utah because it feels so right. I know he loves it there but everything has to fall into place and then I wouldn't have a problem with living there. Our main problem is Makynna has to get BETTER!!! Anyway we got back on Tuesday morning at 3 and I left to Stanford Wednesday at noon. I am so tired of traveling. I get to be home for at least 2 weeks before we head back down to Stanford.