Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Makynna and I at Cheesecake Factory on one of her trips to Stanford, mummm I love that place!

Jake and his bestest friend Isaac aka Ike!


I thought this was to cute! They were just sitting there watching a movie together!

My Kynna Bynna!

My little Bailee butt. I can't believe she is going to be two in one month.

I am the biggest loser! I don't have enough time to keep up on my house, laundry, bills you name it so I have been lacking on blogging. I hope I can get better. Here are a couple of pictures and hopefully I can have more soon!


My kiddos on Christmas morning!

Bailee and Lex Christmas morning!

This is what the kids got from Santa! They have so much fun on it! Even Bailee and Makynna!

Jake got his Monster Energy Helmet!

ALexis and her Pet shops!

Makynna got this from YaYa. She loves Tinkerbell!

Smile Jake!

Bailee opening a present from Santa!

Alexis new camera!Look at Alexis nose she was running full speed in the dark and hit a board sticking out of our neighbors truck! I think it knocked her out cold!

Opening her big present!

Makynna and her new doll house from Nana!