Monday, October 02, 2006

A End in Sight!!!

So to keep everybody updated on my little girl we just got back from a long exhausting trip from Stanford. We had doctor appointment after doctors appointment. We started everything Tuesday morning at 8:00 and had 4 appointments and blood work to be done. Wenesday we started again at 8:00 and got done a little earlier 3:00. Thursday was our day off so we decided to hang out and visit the great mall of the bay which is located in Milpitas. Being there no longer then 20 minutes my little girl had a fever and started throwing up all over. We had to leave right away a hang out in our tiny motel room. oh well life goes on. Then Friday we started at 10:00 and got done about 3:00 and then had to go back at 7:00 to do a sleep study for all night at the hospital that wasn't to fun. Makynna had about 30 wires hanging off of her everywhere so it was hard for her to sleep. After that we were done by the end of all the appointment I was mentally and physically exhausted and my poor Makynna who was stuck about 4 times didn't even want any other doctors touching her. Eveything went pretty good she is scheduled for her Bone Marrow Tansplant October 22 which I am excited for because then I know that there is a end in sight!!!