Monday, March 31, 2008

The Newest Member Of Our Family!

Bailee Kate White was born March 29 @ 325 p.m. She weighed in at 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 3/4 inches long. My labor was a petty good labor. I will write more on it later I just wanted to get some pictures up on my blog.

This is the picture of my birthday present!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and it started out with Craig making me waffles (not one of my favorites but the kids love them). Then he got all the kids ready for the day, what a awesome guy. Sad to say he had to go to work, so my mom took me to lunch and shopping for a new comforter set. Jenna watched my kids so it was a day free from kids, at least for a couple of hours. It was nice. When I got home from shopping it was hanging out with my kids until Craig got home from work. My mom watch our kids so that Craig and I could go to dinner and a movie. We went to dinner then checked out what was playing. There wasn't anything that I really wanted to see so we went to a local ice cream shop and had a little ice cream. Didn't help me much since I had to weight in this morning for my weekly pregnancy checkup. sadly to say I gained 4 pounds in 1 weeks. I guess I need to lay off of the Mini eggs and ice cream! I always pack it on at the end because I retain so much water. (it makes me feel better when I say that). I am still only dilated to a 3 no change from last weeks I was super sad. I am so ready to give birth. I am HUGE! Still any day I just keep hoping that its sooner than later. I had some picture to post of my new comforter set but my sister took my connector from my camera to my computer and I can't upload them. I will later.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

We are off again!!!

We are off again for our monthly checkups with Makynna. I get to have my amazing husband come with me this time which I'm super excited for. He sits in the back and entertains Makynna when she not watching a movie, while I drive. I know that he hates it, but being pregnant I get super car sick so If I'm trying to entertain i fell like I'm going to throw-up. We are leaving tonight and heading down to see some friends in Sacramento and then heading across Sunday night for Makynna's appt Monday morning. Its just going to be Craig, Makynna and I which will be nice for Craig to get a little time away. Don't get me wrong he loves our kids its just we can't really leave out Makynna yet. Jacob and Alexis started baseball Wednesday and its hilarious. They get to play on the same team and when they got there they teamed up to throw to each other. The whole time they were fighting because one would throw it harder then the other or one wasn't watching and would miss the catch. Then came batting practice. Jacob was first and he got up there and hit to the pitchers mound, he was bummed that he didn't get a better hit be his excuse he didn't get a good pitch. Alexis was next and the first pitch she hit it into center field. Go Alexis!!! Jacob was so mad at her it was pretty funny in a way. I look forward to a season filled with lots of fighting on who is better then who.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Makynna Lynn

I found Makynna dress like this after playing for a few minutes and then she didn''t want to take it off. I thought it was hilarious!!!

Friday, March 07, 2008


I know I don't have any pictures of Jake but these were just quick pictures that I had taken. We got Makynna's numbers back finally and they are just kinda staying the same. Our doctors don't really have alot of answers which is very frustration but they want to do more t-cell transfusions from Jacob (I feel so bad for him he has done so much for her)Which means they have to take 60 cc of blood from him and inject into her. I feel like this process had been so drawn out but I guess we have to keep trying. I look at her and she is doing so good that I expect her numbers to come up but oh well it could be worse. I am 35 weeks pregnant and can't wait to have this baby. They say the more kids you have the more aches and pains and man I am feeling the aches and pains.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Kids!!!

I have been running circles trying to get ready for baby. It's just the little things like getting a dresser, to getting the clothes washed and put away to making sure you can find everything like the car seat and the bassinet. We moved in August and ever since then I can not for the life of me find were the screws went to my crib it is so frustrating. I can't believe that the time is fast approaching me that I am going to have another baby as if 3 is not enough to juggle.j/k I wouldn't have it any other way. Craig and I still struggle on a name for our new baby girl but the name that we are leaning towards is Bailee Kate, that's the only name that we can both agree on for the moment.
Jacob is playing basketball and is loving every minute of it while he gets ready to start baseball which we are super excited for because Uncle Graham is going to be the coach. Alexis is still doing ballet which I struggle to get her there every week because she would rather play sport than ballet, but I had already paid for the costume for the end of the year so she is going to finish it out. She is getting ready to start baseball with Jacob and is so excited to be on the same team as big brother. Makynna is my little lover. She is the most loving kid and I love every minute of it except when daddy gets home then her love is directed toward him. Her numbers have been pretty study which is good, but its the same thing we really don't know a whole lot. We just keep hoping and praying that everything is going to work out for the best.