Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Kids!!!

I have been running circles trying to get ready for baby. It's just the little things like getting a dresser, to getting the clothes washed and put away to making sure you can find everything like the car seat and the bassinet. We moved in August and ever since then I can not for the life of me find were the screws went to my crib it is so frustrating. I can't believe that the time is fast approaching me that I am going to have another baby as if 3 is not enough to juggle.j/k I wouldn't have it any other way. Craig and I still struggle on a name for our new baby girl but the name that we are leaning towards is Bailee Kate, that's the only name that we can both agree on for the moment.
Jacob is playing basketball and is loving every minute of it while he gets ready to start baseball which we are super excited for because Uncle Graham is going to be the coach. Alexis is still doing ballet which I struggle to get her there every week because she would rather play sport than ballet, but I had already paid for the costume for the end of the year so she is going to finish it out. She is getting ready to start baseball with Jacob and is so excited to be on the same team as big brother. Makynna is my little lover. She is the most loving kid and I love every minute of it except when daddy gets home then her love is directed toward him. Her numbers have been pretty study which is good, but its the same thing we really don't know a whole lot. We just keep hoping and praying that everything is going to work out for the best.


Lindsey said...

I am glad that Makynna is doing well! I love that Alexis is so into sports - so cute! Also, I think the name Bailee Kate is adorable.

Janelle said...

I love the dresses. I haven't seen those ones yet. They look so cute.

Christi T said...

Your family is so sweet!! I want to see pics of the new house! It has been so long since we talked!!

Celeste said...

Tash... what a cute picture of your kids! I'm happy to hear that Makynna is doing well and that you are getting ready for this new love in your life. I think Bailee is a really cute name. Maybe I can make a trip out there after she that there will be direct flights to Arcata!!!

The Gunnell Family said...

Hey there, it's Heather. I saw your website on Shelley's. I'm glad I found it! Wendy didn't even tell me about hers! Your kids are so cute and getting so big!!! And congrats on the baby girl. I love the name Bailee, it's gorgeous!!!
Congrats and glad to find you guys on here!!

Kelly said...

I love the name Bailee. That would go well with the names of your other kids.

I would love to see Jake play basketball!