Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hogle Zoo!!!

I know that it is kinda late to post this, but this is a picture of our family at Hogle Zoo when we went to Utah in August. We had a good time there. We got to visit and hang out with our family and friends which is always fun.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Karate Kid!!!

Jacob has just started Karate too! Yes I know I am keeping my kids very active but with everything going on with Makynna and me having to be gone I want them to be as busy as they can so they don't think of me not being around. He is so cute. Today he came home from school and he said that a little boy in his class was being rude to him, so he told him that he knew Karate and the little boy left him alone.
I just thought it was funny because the first week of school Jacob got pushed down, punched, and a kid burped in his face so for Jacob to stand up for himself I thought it was great. Not necessarily to be mean just say no that's not okay.

My Little Ballet Dancer!!!

Alexis just started ballet Last Thursday and loved ever bit of it! She puts on her ballet shoe and pink ballet outfit and dances all around the house. She had some great moves and I know she isn't getting them from Craig.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Little Soccer Players!!!

Jacob and Alexis just started soccer about a week ago. They just had there first game last Saturday and it is hilarious!!! Lex was running down the field towards the ball when all of a sudden her shorts fell all the way to her ankles. Lucky for her her shirt was long enough to cover her little underwear. I wish I could have had a picture of it. They are so cute playing together!!!!

Our Baby Girl!!!

Well I am finally back from a crazy emotional summer. We have been everywhere and back and its finally coming to a head!!! We found out a couple months ago that our daughter Makynna had been diagnosed with a rare birth defect called hurlers syndrome. It was very hard at first, but now with modern technology there is a cure and that is were we are at now!! It is going to be a hard year for us but with all the support that we have hopefully it will be easier then not. We are very scared but know that this is what we have to do to help our daughter get and stay heathy. So Makynna had to have a bonemarrow transplant. They just called us today and told us that our son Jacob (our 5 1/2 year old) was the perfect bonemarrow match and so we will be down in Stanford in about 3- 4 weeks to start the transplant. After we start I will stay in Stanford for about 6 months depending how everything is going. It will be challanging but this is what we have to do for our baby. The better side of all this is when everything is done and Makynna has taken on to the new bonemarrow it will give her what she needs to cure her disorder.