Sunday, June 01, 2008


Makynna is doing good we just got back from Stanford because she had a little GVHD(graft vs host disease)which can be good because it can cause her numbers to go to 100%. We are hoping that's what it did. They did a bunch of blood work and we get to find out some time this coming week. Hope for the best! Other than that she is doing amazing!

Makynna loves her baby sister!!!

Baby Bailee

Makynna in Utah at Heather and Woody's house. She never did go down the slide.

Alexis playing with Makynna on the swing set. These were the only two pictures that I took in Utah. My battery was dead the entire time plus we were on the go so I didn't have time to charge it.

Playing in the bath with cousin Connor

I found Makynna sitting in Jake's toy box watching her princess movie.
So we had tons of fun on our trip to Utah!! We were on the go seeing friends and family. One of our favorite things about our trip was going to Steve Young's ranch and the kid getting to ride a pony name bulleye. Alexis and Jacob thought that was the coolest thing ever. We also spent a couple of days at Mulligans were the kids got to hit in the batting cages and miniature golf. Craig got all of his Utah Jazz gear that he wanted because he couldn't find anything here so he was in seventh heaven. He also decked all the kids in Jazz gear to. I didn't really do much shopping which isn't a bad thing because we saved some money but I did my my girls some bows and on the way home one of the bags full of bows got thrown away. I was soooo mad. But what do you do. I hope that someone find them and uses them because they were super cute. Other than that we had lots of fun and can't wait for our next trip. Oh ya and if you talk to Craig we are moving back to Utah because it feels so right. I know he loves it there but everything has to fall into place and then I wouldn't have a problem with living there. Our main problem is Makynna has to get BETTER!!! Anyway we got back on Tuesday morning at 3 and I left to Stanford Wednesday at noon. I am so tired of traveling. I get to be home for at least 2 weeks before we head back down to Stanford.


The Gunnell Family said...

It was awesome seeing you guys, your kids are so cute, Hunter had a blast playing with them, he keeps asking when you're coming over again!

Lindsey said...

Fun to spend time in Utah. I'm glad Makynna is doing good! And Bailee looks adorable!! So are you really considering a move to Utah?

Crazy Carmesins said...

Tasha, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I love the updates because even though my sister tells me what's going on. I can feel the raw emotion you are dealing with on a day to day basis and I can empathize. Danielle

Christi said...

I'm so glad to hear how things are going! The kiddos are getting so big. I think of y'all everyday. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Janelle said...

I forgot about those pictures of them in the bath. Bailee is looking so old. She is so cute!!

Celeste said...

I'm so glad I got to see you even for just a few hours... I can't believe your bows got thrown away! Bailey is so beautiful ... you make such cute kids! :)