Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Little Ballerina

Its finally over!!! At the first of the year Alexis loved going to ballet but around the middle of the year I had to fight her every time. I told her that she had to finish the year out because we had already bought her costume so she did. When she got dress up and put a little makeup on, she was excited again. She told be after the show that she only wanted to do the shows and I told her it didn't work that way and so she said she was done.


chrissy said...

Lex is beautiful your going to have your hands full with that one tash

Celeste said...

She is such a babe! You're gonna haev to fight the boys back when she gets older! ... That's to bad that she doesn't want to keep dancing though... little tom boy eh? Bailee just keeps getting cuter... loved all the Trinity pictures... lucky you!