Monday, December 11, 2006

On Our Way!!!

Well we are finally down here at Stanford! It has been a long exhausting road to make it to this point. Makynna just started her Chemo today and she is doing good. They say that it doesn't start affecting the kids until a little later. I have such mixed feelings about everything. I am so excited to be here and to start everything but it is hard to think of what she has to go through. Another thing that had been going through my mind is having more children. There is a 25% chance that I will have other kids affected by Hurlers. That is scary I don't want to put another kid through this plus I don't know if I could make it through again. I just talked to a doctor about it today and he said that it might be smart to be artificially inseminated (I totally misspelled that) I just feel that there is a plan for each and every one of us and that whatever is meant to happen is going to happen. I just feel that it is taking away from heavenly fathers plan but then again modern medicine is here for us. Please help with any suggestion.

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Kelly said...

I agree in some ways. But then again God did make the technology possible to be able to do artificial insemination, I think you spelled it right. Jody and I were just talking about this subject last night! I think it has to be a personal decision, one that you and Craig will pray about and act on whatever the spirit tells you. I know it will all work out for the best and no one would ever look down on you for using modern technology. It's a touchy subject which I think once again, has to be a personal choice and what you both feel good about.