Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

Jacob Michael White turn 6 years old today. He had a amazing birthday party with his friends from school that his Nana and Aunt weewee put on for him since I couldn't be there. It was really hard not be a part of it. I called every half hour just to see how the party was going. I talked to him later and he said he had a so much fun and that there was even a kid that ran around yelling, this is the best birthday party ever! I wished I could have been there but I know he was well taking care of. Its just sad how fast time flys. It seem like yesterday that I just had him. He is a amazing little boy. I love you Jacob!!!


Kasey said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! I bet it was hard for you not to be there with him. Just remember, you'll have plenty more to be at! One question, who is aunt weewee???

The White Way said...

Nickname for Chrissy!!