Friday, January 12, 2007

Friends and Family!!!

So for the record I have the best family and friends ever. Kelly, Pam and Cohen dropped Lindsey off at the San Francisco airport on Tuesday and then drove another 30 miles to come and visited Makynna and I. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner after finding out what Kelly and Janelle we having. We actually got it to go so we could come back to the room so they could see Makynna. Makynna loves visitors because she is in isolation to her room and hasn't been able to leave since we got here on December 10. Then next day Kelly and Pam were leaving but they had to make one last stop before they left, which was Ikea. Ikea is the coolest place ever. It has everything you want for your home at affordable prices. So anyway I got to spend the last day with them shopping at Ikea which takes about 3 hours rushing through the store. It was so much fun. Thanks Kelly and Pam!!!

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Kelly said...

I love coming to visit you. I will be down again in the next few weeks. Hopefully Jody will have an interview soon. I miss you guys!