Sunday, January 07, 2007

Eating Ice Cream!!!

So today has been a good day. We started the day sleeping in until 10:00. After being woke up a couple times through the night. The hardest thing about being in the hospital is not having any alone time. It seems like even at night the nurses are waking us up for vital which I know is mandatory but gets old. Makynna is doing really well with it that now she doesn't usually wake up for vital times I guess its pretty sad that she is getting used to it. So this is a picture of Makynna eating Cold Stone ice cream (compliments of her father) she is loving every bit of it.

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Kasey said...

Makynna just looks so happy! I'm so glad her spirits are up through all of this. Also nice that she isn't waking up all through the night when they come take her vitals. What a good little girl!