Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Poor Kynna!!!

Makynna and Brooklynne's birthday was on October 16 and we had a little party for them. Unfortantly Makynna came down with a fever ( due to teething) and had a horrible 1st birthday. She didn't even touch her cup cake. But as you can see Brooklynne had a time of her life.


Crazy Carmesins said...

Hey Tasha, I can't believe that they are already one. I am surviving with Travis gone. He was home all last week and didn't have to work and I got spoiled. Now, I am back into the single parent mode of when he works out of town. I have to get some crucial papers written before we go to Montana and I am able to stay up late when he isn't home. Have a great week.

Lindsey said...

Poor kynna! Cute pics though. I love the little cupcakes. I can't believe it has already been a year too!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday to Makynna! She is mad, but she looks cute anyway.