Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So I finally got it working as you can all see. Here are my three babies all dressed up. Jacob is a red power ranger ( don't ask me why he wanted to be a power ranger he has never watched power rangers) Alexis is my sweet little tinker bell and Makynna ( who grew out of her costume that I had bought a couple months ago) is Tigger!!! We had so much fun but it is very exausting.


Crazy Carmesins said...

Tasha, your kids were adorable. I am glad you are back online and blogging.

Kasey said...

How cute! I was so excited when I checked your blog and saw some new pictures! Funny about Jake. Kaden was Wolverine and I'm pretty sure he's never seen any X-Men movies either. Little boys are too funny.

Kelly said...

I was a little confused seeing him in the power ranger outfit because I thought he was going to be Aniken. But they all looked so cute! Ammon had a blast with his best buddies.