Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sweet Little Nicole

vannessa and nicole eating water melon
***Vanessa on the left and Nicole on the right***
My sister Jenna wrote this about sweet little Nicole and I thought it fits her perfectly!!!
once upon a time.
there was a sweet, little girl.
she loved princesses and dancing.
this little girl was born a twin.
her twin, the total opposite.
she loved sports.
soccer, basketball, football.
anything she wanted to lay, she'd play.
so, naturally, being twins, they were competitive.
the little princess wanted to play soccer.
so, she signed up.
and she was great!
the best little forward any team could have.
it's the day for practice.
the princess and the athlete's mom gets in the car and takes the regular route to practice.
the princess had a best friend, she played too.
they took her to practice that day.
or, they started to.
on the way to practice, two teenagers decided to race.
it got out of control.
at a hundred miles an hour they caused a four car-car crash.
This crash, caused the princess her life.
and at nine years old, the princess took her last breath.
i wish this was only a story.
but it's not.
this little princess, was my incredibly sweet, happy, upbeat, adorable nine year old cousin.
she, was actually more of little sister.
granted, we had our little fights.
but at the end of the day, i loved her dearly.
and now because two idiots had to race for the satisfaction of "winning", a life was taken.
a life that meant a great deal to everyone.
spread the word.
racing on the freeway, highway, or anywhere.
is dangerous.
and life threatening.
the fact that one of those boys is on the loose right now, is driving me crazy and making me sick.
help put dangerous drivers away.
save a life

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Natty said...

What a tragedy! No words can explain the feelings about this. It really makes you think back and think; to not take relationships for granted.