Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Captain Jake!!!

Jacob is driving his pa's big houseboat (at Trinity Lake of coarse) by himself at least he likes to thinks so. Its not like you can mess up the driving of a big boat out in the middle of a lake but for the sake of all of us its on auto pilot.


Kelly said...

I just love that kid. He is hilarious. I stopped at your mom's house today to look for my cell phone and he kept asking me about Ammon's party and if we were going to have a pinata. Well I gave in and bought one today at Winco, just for Jake!

Sarah said...

I am coming home in July I'm pretty sure... I will be there june 29-july 8 or 9. I really want to see you and your kids. I'm glad you blog, at least I can get to know them a little better already.

Lindsey said...

Jake is such a cutie! I hope I make it to the lake this year. Love seeing pics of your kids, Tash.