Saturday, December 08, 2007

Good News!!!

Makynna is doing amazing!!! We got some news back right before Christmas and for the first time since transplant 1 year ago her numbers started to climb back up. There are different numbers that they count that make up the bone marrow and they have been staying at 15-20 percent and finally came up to 30 percent which gives us hope that they might start climbing back up. I know that it doesn't seem like much but for her and the numbers always going down and never going up, gives us hope. We have been blessed with another baby girl in which I am due April 17. About 4 weeks ago I had a amnio done to see if this baby had hurlers and we just got the results back yesturday that she is a healthy little girl. No down syndrome or hurlers!!! We are so excited for our new addition. We go down on Wednesday for more testing on Makynna so I will let everybody know when we get results.


Shellyc said...

That is awesome. Congratulations on the new baby, and I am so excited for kynna that she is doing better and her numbers are improving. Sounds like things are doing good.

Sarie said...

I have yet to tell you congratulations on your pregnancy! I have known for a little while and I'm so excited for you! Good luck and have a great christmas!

Jones Photography said...

this pic of me.. is nasty! ..but kynna kynna looks adorble