Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Poor Poor Craig!!

So on Thanksgiving day Craig thought he could play tackle football with a bunch of guys and came home with a broken collar bone. Poor poor Craig is what he wants me to think. If its not bad enough to get three kids and myself ready for the day I also have to help Craig get ready because heavens forbid him suck it up and do what he needs to do. I mean I know that it hurts and I am willing to help to a extent but lets just face it guys are BABIES!!!
Alexis is loving school and especially loves the social part of it of course she is a girl. She also loves sports, she just got done with soccer were she average 8-10 goals a game and can't wait for basketball to start. A girl after my own heart!!!

Like a good little boy here is a picture of Jacob doing his homework. He was mad at me so he wouldn't look up but I don't have to fight him to do his school work he loves doing every bit of it I hope he keeps it up.

Makynna watching her sponge bob movie which by the way she loves sponge bob!!! If you look closely she is about 1 inch from the T.V. I know she need glasses but she will not wear them. We also got some good news a couple days before Thanksgiving Stanford called and told us that Makynna's numbers have gone up from 15% to 30%. We are super excited because this is the first good news about her numbers that we have had since her transplant 1 year ago. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We hope that the numbers keep going up.


Celeste Pearson said...

That sucks for Craig!!...and you of course. Hey...Drew and I will be there from the 24th until the first...I talked him into staying for New Years so we get to party!!

Sarie said...

Congrats on Makynna's numbers! And I wish I was going to Tasha's famous new year's party! I heard about it from Celeste!!! We are so excited about our move, and I'm sure I'll visit CA soon and I'll make sure to see you!! The pregnancy's going well, I hope yours is going well too. I don't know how it must feel to be pregnant with a fourth, you must feel so busy! But I love doing this all before I'm 30 so I can have the kids grown and still be sorta young!
Miss ya!