Monday, February 16, 2009


Another tag..

answer these questions in one word....

1.Wheres your phone? Counter

2.Wheres your significant other? work color? Blond

4.Your mother? Motherly

5.Your father? Hard worker

6.Favorite thing? Trinity Lake

7. Dream last night? Didn't dream

8. Dream or goal? Makynna to be healthy

9. Your hobby? Cooking

10.Your fear? Death

11.where do you want to be in 6 yrs? ???

12.what your not? Thin

13. One wish-list item? debt-free

14. last thing I ate? Mac and cheese

15.what are you wearing? Sweatshirt

16.Your pet? No pet

17. your mood? Tired

18.something your not wearing? Shoes

19.Fav store? American Eagle

20 Fav color? Orange

21whens the last time you laughed? Yesterday

22. The last time you cried? 2 Years ago

23. Something you crave? Mexican

24. why you blog? friends and family

To whoever want to do this!!!


Celeste said...

2 years since you cried! You are a much stronger person than I.

Jen said...

Tasha, Thanks so much for your sweet comment! We so wish we lived closer to you guys!