Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Jake!!!

Jacob turned 8 years old yesterday. We had a birthday party on Friday and Jake came home from school sick so I had to entertain his friends. They rode the bus home with him so I had no way of getting a hold of their parents. It was horrible. Sunday was Jacobs birthday and he laid on the coach all day. It was so sad. As soon as he's better we will have a couple friends over and do something fun since he missed his party. Jacob is an amazing kid. He is sweet and very loving toward his family and friends. He is always thinking about people and how they are doing. He is a very deep thinker. He loves school and is very smart. He also loves all sports. He plays soccer, basketball and baseball. His very favorite thing to do is ride his motorcycle and he's awesome at it. We get to go to San Fransisco this weekend to watch the motocross races and he is so excited. Jake is an awesome son and brother!


Celeste said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I can't believe he is already 8! I remember you almost ready to pop when I left on my mission. Jake is such a great kid. How awesome that he is so into motorcycles at such a young age.

Christi said...

I cannot believe he is 8!!! It seems like yesterday that we came out for his blessing! He was so little! He seems like such a cool kid Tash, and I know it doesn't hurt that he has such an awesome mom!!